Some other productions

Strong of the know-how acquired on the railway catering experience and using a team of experts and important research programs of market, MultiRail studied and developed solutions to meet the needs of operators in the hospital sector, offering products and innovative applications that create values.


Babyron is a little ventilated oven studied to heat the bottles of milk for babies.

Terra Treno

Supervisory and control system that allows the real-time diagnostics of operating parameters of the system on board.

Special Projects

Staircase made of steel with 17 steps, width 2.5 m made of a single span, with balaustrades in glass. Placed in a museum with the function of connecting the two exhibition floors.


Hot water dispenser trolley, to prepare hot drinks with bags of lyophilized products (tea, chamomile, chocolate, coffee, etc..) the reservoir has got a capability of 18Lt and the temperature, without electrical power, lowers to 4°C/h.


Distributor and conservation trolley for hot and cold foods for hospital aisles, gastronorm dimensions.


Built-in refrigerator in stainless steel for railway and naval applications.

The know-how of success is due from one side to the high technical-functional levels of our products, on the other side from the quality of the offered service as reliability of supply, reduced delivery time and quick interventions, aspects really appreciated by our customers. An element that make us extremely competitive, is the ability to develop, on a very tight time, advanced and concrete solutions.