Some Products


MultiRail, a leader in the railway catering trade, realizes all the areas (galley, bar, restaurant, etc..) to ensure to the passengers the catering service at the seat with catering trays, a traditional catering service in the restaurant area, a standing catering service like snack-bar end cafeteria.

The products and the adopted technical solutions successfully exceed all the problems of dynamic stresses to which the structures of the traveling system are constantly subjected.

Bar areas and galley are entirely made from MR: from the structural elements of the design décor to the accessory devices intended to a rational and efficient service.

The galley area consists in the kitchen: preservation, refrigeration, preparation and cooking. Followed by washing of the dishes and storage.

Spaces and volumes are rationally exploited in order to ensure an easy and organic ease of use and handling for both the customer and the operator.

The areas are designed and realized with high quality materials which exalt elegance and functionality.

The bar area consists of the counter and all the complementary elements.